Heidi Zaransky

About Heidi Zaransky

Heidi was born in Chicago. She still lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband and kids and two dogs. She graduated from the University of Arizona.

Heidi Zaransky has owned her own business for over 20 years. Primarily her business provides financial products and advice to the corporations regarding their transportation and mobility needs. Including providing leased vehicles to these companies. Her company is proud to call many fortune 500 companies based in Chicago as her clients. Heidi owns the largest female-owned auto leasing and consulting company in Illinois.

Heidi’s firm has been on the cutting edge in providing her clients with green alternatives in this changing world of electric vehicles and rideshare programs.

Although the companies main focus is described above it also operates in other sectors of the financial world. Heidi has been licensed by the state of Illinois departments of Banks And financial regulations to own a mortgage company and she has been licensed as a realtor in the state of Illinois. Additionally, Heidi has worked on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for many years helping clients with their brokerage needs in the Euro Pit. The Euro pit trades the LIBOR index. The Euro pit is one of the only remaining open outcry pits still operating at the Chicago Mercantile exchange.


Heidi has many other interests outside of work. She regularly does Yoga. She also loves home design, interior design, and fashion. She often attends fashion shows and home design and interior conventions to keep up with latest trends. She has taken many classes on these subjects as a hobby.

Heidi has a great love for animals and has supported the anti-cruelty society and Peta for many years.


  1. I was excited to be my own boss and work hard and reap the rewards. 
  2. I love the diversity in my industry and dealing with people from all over the world and all walks of life. The companies I deal with all in many different industries and it gives me interesting exposure to what they do
  3. Wake up early and mentally plan my day. Usually, a yoga or workout session before I hit the office. At the office, I interact with people all-day
  4. The excitement that every day is usually different. There is no monotony in my life
  5. I try to motivate others with by being positive. The glass is always half full
  6. I started out helping friends locate vehicles and grew it into the largest female owned corporate fleet leasing company in Illinois
  7. I am inspired by other Women CEO’s who have managed a successful career with family
  8. My parents were role models they always persevered through good and bad times with a positive attitude
  9. I force myself not to get lost in a project. I set boundaries and divide m time
  10. I face issues pleasant or not head-on,I don’t put dealing with things off
  11.  Put yourself out there and join executive groups and chamber of commerce’s, network, it pays off
  12. I overcame the financial crisis of 2008 by trimming overhead and operating lean till things got better
  13. The best advice to me was don’t be closed-minded. Listen to other people, you may not know what you think you know
  14. Helping raise my children. They are wonderful adults, I hope I played some role
  15.  Know what you don’t know and reach out for help.
  16. If your upfront when you error people will be understanding
  17. Being genuine and respectful of others
  18. The changing world of electric cars and green initiatives. Rideshare in urban areas etc. The landscape of our industry will not look the same in 5 years.
  19. Offering new exciting products that don’t exist today
  20. The proudest day of my professional life is being recognized as an equal in an industry that is mostly men.